Kate has recently retired as Executive Director – Engagement and Participation at the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland, which has statutory duties under Scottish mental health and incapacity law. The Commission works to protect and promote the human rights of people with mental illness, learning disabilities, dementia and related conditions. Her role included leading on the engagement of people with lived experience and carers in the Commission’s work, on information and advice, and on promoting a human rights focus. She was previously Deputy Chief Executive of Alzheimer Scotland, where she was responsible for the organisation’s service provision, and where she also held other roles over two decades, including Information Manager, Policy Director, and Director of Personalisation. She was closely involved in the design of Alzheimer Scotland’s 5 Pillars Model of post-diagnostic support, and 8 Pillars Model of community support. She is also the author of publications including Coping with Dementia, Dementia: Money and Legal Matters and Facing Dementia.